Run by our highly skilled counselors, our groups are offered in a comfortable setting that allows members to connect to others in similar situations and learn through the counselor and each other. Groups are very effective in relieving suffering and empowering others to make decisions and changes. Members learn strategies for dealing with problems and build confidence through the support of others.

"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination."

Carl Rogers

Dating 101

Designed for middle to high school girls, this group helps them determine when it is a good time to date and how to establish healthy boundaries. Through the group, the girls can empower each other to say no to boys when they are put in uncomfortable situations and they can learn to discriminate the differences between friendships and crushes. 8 weeks

Dating 201

Designed for high school girls, this group explores the natural evolution of relationships such as beginnings and endings and the range of emotions that ebb and flow. The girls will learn how to establish healthy boundaries, understand appropriate affection and strategies for resisting sexual pressure. 8 weeks

Self-Esteem Group (Ages 13-17)

Members of this group will learn about self-esteem, coping strategies for dealing with challenges against their self-esteem, and how to handle current issues in their lives. Body image and feeling comfortable with themselves will also be addressed. Being able to assert themselves and feel good about themselves are goals of this group. 8 weeks

The Internet Generation for Kids

Designed to address privacy and boundaries in today's technology driven society. Members will learn how to be safe when using My Space, Facebook and other social networks. They will learn phone texting parameters and how to handle social aggression across all domains. 8 weeks

The Internet Generation for Parents

With the rate at which technology is becoming accessible to our children, it is difficult to stay abreast of what is out there, how it is being used, and the dangers it all poses. This group will help parents navigate the cyber world that our children are very much a part of. Parents will learn the dangers and how to keep our children safe through communication, education and technological protections such as password settings and history review.6 weeks

Social Skills Groups for Children with Aspergers

Opportunity for children to socialize with appropriate modeling of behavior.


Surviving the Sandwich Generation

For those facing the challenges of raising children and supporting aging parents, this generation is quickly exploding. This group will offer coping strategies for handling the various issues that occur and for balancing the responsibilities while still taking care of oneself. Members will be coached in stress reduction techniques and available resources will be explored.6 weeks

Music as a Bridge to the Adolescent Mind

Truly unique to our practice, we offer this group to adolescents who are interested in music and can use this venue to explore conflicts through today's music. They will have the opportunity to understand themselves through lyrics and genres of music. They will use writing lyrics and arranging music as a means of expressing emotion. This group will be run in one of our offices that has been made into a recording studio. The members will write, play, produce and record music. They will even cut their own cd. This group is offered by counselor, Richard Schmucki, who has extensive training in music and experience performing for live audiences across the nation.8 weeks